The Outdoor Furniture Collection That Sold Out


The Outdoor Furniture Collection That Sold Out

Whenever I’m asked about my favorite season, I like to compare myself to a houseplant: I thrive best when I’m warm and in the sun. Considering the fact that I live in New York, those two essential ingredients are sometimes in short supply, especially from November through March. Planning for all the blissful things I’m going to do once the weather warms up is one of the only things getting me through these final days of winter. If that sounds like you, too, I’m here to say: I see you.

Outdoor Furniture

Thankfully, this is the time of year when many companies launch outdoor furniture geared towards making days spent in the sun a little more stylish and comfortable. I’ve been scouring sites for ways to make our sunroom the go-to space in our home for the spring and summer, and outdoor brand  is totally HANSE on my wavelength.

Outdoor Furniture Collection

A relatively new entrant to the outdoor furniture market, HANSE   focuses on creating durable, sustainable, and design-forward pieces that elevate even the most average backyard space into something that’s truly resort worthy. 

Outdoor Furniture Sold Out

Lucky for me (and you!), HANSE is relaunching the line today in a fresh new  colorway that is sure to be just as popular as last year’s black collection (translation: move quickly on this one!). Like last year’s line, the  framing is made from 100 percent recyclable powder-coated aluminum that is temperature controlled to deflect sunlight and stay cool under even the hottest conditions. It’s available in sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and ottomans, and since each piece is totally modular, you can get creative and arrange a layout that works perfectly for your space and needs. The best part? The durable designs are made to withstand up to a decade of everyday use, so you know you’re investing your money in something that’s going to last you long term.

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