Why is patio furniture so expensive?


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Quality patio furniture is more expensive than indoor furniture because the aspects of outdoor furniture are completely different. Exterior furniture needs to be made using better materials and also manufactured using more sustainable and efficient methods, which allows it to withstand constant exposure to the elements and even keep out pests. At the end of the day, patio furniture is more expensive because it is better.

These are some of the characteristics that make patio furniture more expensive than indoor furniture:

  1. Manufactured with high-end materials

  2. Unmatched Build Quality

  3. It stands the test of time

  4. Timeless Design

1、Manufactured with high-end materials

Since patio furniture is intended to be used outside, it makes sense to only use materials that can resist constant exposure to sun, rain, wind, and mostly, whatever you throw at it. High-end materials ensure that you have a long-lasting furniture set that is also durable to a large extent, able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

When browsing for outdoor furniture, some common fixtures you'll find are wood, wrought iron, aluminum, wrought aluminum, and plastic. While all of this gear is designed to last, the durability of each material will depend on several factors, including your climate.

wooden garden furniture

Teak or teak wood is one of the most common materials used for wooden furniture. This common tropical hardwood is extremely durable and can last up to 75 years. It needs little protection, and its natural oils allow it to repel sunlight and moisture like other woods. However, the material comes at a price, making the pieces more precious than other woodland-made furniture. Still, the original cost is actually insignificant considering this allows you to pass your patio furniture on to future generations.

metal garden furniture

Metal furniture is strong, durable, and able to withstand a lot of knocking without breaking. Wrought iron and wrought aluminum are two of the most common materials used for outdoor furniture, and for good reason. Besides being great for soaking up the glorious sun without breaking a sweat, both metals last longer than you might think with the right care. These pieces are usually finished with a layer of pomelo lacquer to keep out moisture and help with rust, which is a common occurrence in outdoor furniture.

Plastic Garden Joinery

When you think of plastic, you might think of low-quality furniture items, but the truth is, there are some truly durable and beautiful patio furniture made from high-quality plastic. Unlike PVC, high-quality plastic furniture is made from high-viscosity polyethylene, which is more durable and won't become brittle. HDPE is not affected by humidity like wood and iron furniture, and often has UV protection.


Besides the materials used, the quality of manufacture is also a determining factor in the pricing of outdoor furniture. As you'd expect from anything in this life, the better the quality, the more precious it is. Manufacturers of high-end patio furniture not only tend to use the best materials available, but also ensure that each step of the process is as effective and efficient as possible, resulting in an overall better piece of furniture.

Some good examples of graphic quality can be seen in wooden furniture. Cheap wood furniture is often fused together (this is very noticeable in lower-end options), which makes it prone to damage when the unit is exposed to high humidity or sunlight. High-end furniture, on the other hand, is installed in such a way that the seams will not suffer any damage, despite being exposed to the elements, and indeed if you mishandle it.


Being outside means sun, rain, snow, wind, dust, and even insects can damage your furniture. You can leave any piece of interior furniture indoors for a day and probably nothing will be left behind. However, if you leave it outdoors for a week or more, it may show signs of serious damage.

To overcome these factors and give you more value, top manufacturers design outdoor furniture that is built to last. In fact, you'd be surprised to know how long a grand-ended patio furniture set lasts - the largest can last 15+ years, while others like teak can last 75+ years!

4、Timeless Design

More and more people are turning their outdoor space into a true extension of their home. With that came the desire for gorgeous, durable outdoor furniture that they could actually live in. This furniture must be durable. While this makes yard furniture very precious, many consider it well worth it. Still, for those on a tight budget, you can still find plenty of quality outdoor furniture throughout the time and on regular deals.

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