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How to Clean Outdoor Cushions and Pillows [Furniture Cleaning Guide]


Cushions and pillows bring comfort and style to outdoor furniture, but these plush accessories can take a lot of wear and tear when exposed to rough conditions. Fabrics pick up dirt, dust, mud, tree sap, raspberry droppings, and other stains when used outdoors, so it's important to know how to clean your cushions and pillows to keep your seating area looking fresh and comfortable.

Plan to wash your patio furniture and throw pillows before the storage season, or wash them more often when stains appear. Depending on where they are stored, you may also want to clean outdoor cushions and pillows before each first use. Here's how to learn how to clean your patio furniture, including how to remove common stains like mold from your patio furniture.

Clean Outdoor Cushions

How to Clean Outdoor Couch Cushions and Pillows

Some patio furniture and outdoor pillows come with removable covers so you can toss them in the washing machine without a hitch. Follow the manufacturer's washing instructions and allow to air dry completely before placing the lid on.

Still, if you can't get the pillowcases off your patio furniture, refurbish them with a simple cleaner and theater doors. Just be sure to do this on a sturdy outdoor surface, such as a yard or sundeck, to avoid new mud or lawn stains on the mat.

Clean Outdoor Pillows

what tools do you need

  • Vacuum cleaners with decorative accessories

  • soft brush

  • dish detergent

  • Borax

  • bucket of water

  • garden hose

  • clean towels

Step 1 Vacuum up loose debris

Vacuum loose dirt, dust and debris from the surface of the mat. Pay special attention to seams and crevices where dirt can trap, and gaps around buttons or other trimmings.

Step 2 Wipe with detergent

Mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 1/4 cup of borax in a bucket of water. Wipe cleanser-moistened sponge over entire face, especially over stained areas where repeated rubbing is required. Leave on at least five times for a deep clean.

Step 3: Rinse the mat with a garden hose

Use a medium-high pressure garden hose to rinse the mat. Be sure to rinse off all cleaning fluid thoroughly. Do not use a pressure washer as this may damage the fabric.

Step 4 Allow drying fully

Squeeze out redundant water with your hands, also spot the fabric with a clean kerchief to absorb as important humidity as possible. Prop the mats upright and let them air dry fully. Place them in a sunny position to speed up drying time.

How to Remove Stains on Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

  • Grass Stains : If the borax solution above doesn't work on grass stains, use a liquid detergent that contains stain-removing enzymes, work the cleaner onto the stain with a soft brush, and rinse with clean water.

  •  Mold :Use a brush to scrape off as much mold as possible. Be sure to do this outside to avoid spreading the spores to other areas of your home. Spray undiluted white distilled vinegar on the affected area and wait at least 10 minutes. For stubborn stains, place a cloth soaked in ginger over the stain. Scrub the mat with a brush, or it can be cleaned with a sponge dampened with water and a little soap. Wash and air dry well in a sunny location.

  • Oil Stains: Remove sunscreen, fungicide, and food oil stains by dusting fabric with cornstarch or baking soda pop. Wait 15 minutes for the oil to absorb, then scrape off the powder with a ruler such as a ruler or credit card. Repeat as needed until the stain disappears.

Many outdoor throw pillows and pillows are specially treated so that the surface is water- and stain-resistant. Replenish this coating or cover raw fabrics with a defensive fabric spray, making sure to completely remove their stains beforehand to avoid sealing in dirt or stains.