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outdoor patio sofa

  • China
  • 20-25 days after receiving deposit
  • 1000 sets per month / set
A cute modern outdoor sofa, painted wooden garden corner sofa patio set is located in the acacia hardwood, and is equipped with a patio sofas gray deep -seat cushion.

Product Description

The warm shadow of the solid and beautiful acacia wood combines the simple structure of this outdoor patio sofa, and will definitely decorate your garden, terrace or terrace. The corner is composed of doubles and three seats, and you can connect or use it alone. The small table is part of the scene, which can ensure some space of your drink, sunglasses or magazines.

Material: Solid Acacia Wood and Polyester

Aable cushion cover: Yes

Weight: 63 kg

Weight capacity: 600 kg

Per capita weight: 120 kg

Including: 4 singel sofa, three person sofa, a wooden table

Need assembly

Mild waterproofness allows you to use the item freely outdoors and save it outside under humid conditions. However, as long as it is not used, it must be preserved indoors. Long -term contact with water and water may damage it.

Maintenance Tips: Acacia Wood

*Furniture with petroleum noodles re -apply it once a year

*Use mild cleaner and soft cloth in the direction of the grain. Wipe immediately after cleaning

*Under the off -season and difficult weather conditions, use protective masks or store furniture inside.


*Don't roll dry, don't iron it

*Only wash your hands, use cold water and mild cleaner

*When not in use, keep it in a clean and dry place to prevent it from preventing atmospheric conditions.

outdoors sofa

outdoor sofa with cushions

Therefore, whether you follow the garden table you follow, or something on our teak garden chair and sun lounge, there must be something in our online product directory. Just contact us immediately to provide more.

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